Fees & Rebates

Fees & Rebates

At Elevate Medical, we spend that extra time with each person. We minimize wait times and provide better and more thorough medicine through extended consultation times.

We are a private billing clinic, with a small gap aimed at allowing more time and better care. These private fees apply to in-person, video or telehealth consultations. Payment is accepted via card only.

Our Fee structure involves an initial upfront payment of GAP + Medicare rebate, with Medicare rebate being instantly returned while at Reception.

Currently, Children under 12 years old AND Age Pensioners over 65 years old will be bulk billed.

All pricing and fees assume access to Medicare subsidy. If no access to Medicare subsidy, pricing will differ.

General Consultation

Standard Appointment – 15 minutes

Our fee: $50 out of pocket GAP + Medicare Rebate ($42.85)

Initial Appointment – 30 minutes.

Long Consultation

Long Consultation – 30 minutes

Our Fee: $100 out of pocket GAP + Medicare rebate ($82.90)

GP Mental Health Care Plan – 30 Mins

Our Fee: $100 out of pocket GAP + Medicare rebate

Children <16 & Age Pensioners >65

Initial Appointment – 30 minutes.

Standard Appointment – 15 minutes

Our fee: Bulk billed.

Mole Mapping / Skin Checks

30 Minutes

Comprehensive Skin Cancer Check with full body digital Mole Mapping

Weekdays: Our fee: $120.00 out of pocket GAP + Medicare Rebate ($82.90)


15 minutes to 1 hour.

Shave / Punch Biopsy: $100 GAP + medicare rebate

Procedural Fees are charged in accordance to time and complexity. Cost guide is approximately $100-150.00 gap fee / 15 minutes.

Extensive skin lesion excisions as per prior discussion with proceduralist


Insertion of Implanon requires pre-insertion consultation with a Doctor

Insertion: $150.00 GAP + medicare rebate

Removal: $250.00 GAP + medicare rebate

Removal and Insertion: $300.00 GAP in total + medicare rebate

Iron Infusion

40 Minutes

Iron Infusion including iron infusion kit

Our fee: $189.00 out of pocket GAP + Medicare Rebate

Failing to Attend

Booking an appointment and not showing up takes away appointment times for other people who might really need them. Failure to attend fees are more about keeping appointments open for others.

Failing to attend an appointment or cancelling with less than 2 hours-notice incurs a $91.40 fee. We are pretty relaxed about it though, so only really used as a deterrent for repeat offenders!