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Elevate Medical near Ashwood provides high quality healthcare services to adults, children and families. Elevate Medical offers various treatments as well as services for different kinds of assessments such from skin cancer checks, family health checks, mental health support, travel medicine and cosmetic medicine. Whatever you need, our qualified Ashwood GPs will provide you with expert medical advice.


The respected Ashwood doctors regard your healthcare experience with the utmost importance. To maintain good health both now and as you get older, you require a compassionate GP to facilitate your check-ups over time. A doctor that you can trust completely, who will know if you require treatment, and what kind of treatment this should be. Elevate Medical doctors near Ashwood care about your long-term health. They are able to perform everything from minor surgeries to vaccinations, certain infusions and plastering. Elevate medical is a clinic that welcomes new patients.


Our goal is helping you become the healthiest version of yourself. Hence the Ashwood GP doctors can help you formulate the appropriate health care strategy based on your personal situation and requirements.



Ashwood Medical Clinic Services


At Elevate Medical we actively manage your health and not just treat illness. We focus on complete, personalised health care.

As a patient with Elevate Medical, you have access to comprehensive, progressive healthcare onsite. We offer General Practice services covering family health, including adult and child health, skin cancer and mole checks, medical cosmetics, travel medicine and various complementary allied health services.

Our team based health care approach is designed to keep you well in the community and out of hospital care.

Elevate Medical Clinic offers a wide range of services including but not limited to:


  • General health and wellness checks
  • Skin Checks and Cancer screening programs
  • Medication reviews and device education
  • Travel Medicine and Vaccinations

We can assess you and offer tests and examinations to identify any problems or possible causes of your health concerns.The Ashwood GP can recommend appropriate treatment options where needed. Elevate Medical doctors also provide assistance for managing medical health symptoms if you have any chronic diseases or health ailments. We want you to live with your health conditions as comfortably and as symptom free as possible.

You can register for preventative treatments at our clinic, in the form of health advice, vaccinations and health screening questionnaires and tests. Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you need health advice.



Why Choose Elevate Medical?

We offer a considered, family-friendly space, with a welcoming atmosphere. This extends to our state of the art patient areas and treatment rooms, where we encourage you to feel comfortable talking with the supportive GP doctors.

Elevate Medical GP doctors utilise the latest medical knowledge, and take the time to talk you through your options. We want you to feel empowered with your health information. We can assist you in making the most appropriate decisions concerning your healthcare.

We are here when you are sick – but also when you are not. Our proactive and preventative approach to physical and mental health, allows treatment plans that reflect your health goals. Your GP can help motivate you to get you to your peak health. After all, prevention is better than cure.


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